Where are my Mountain Bike ladies?!?!

At The Storm Trail Race Series, we want to bring ALL levels of experience out to the trails and our events! Mountain biking is a great way to get outdoors, meet new friends and HAVE FUN!!!

When I first started riding, I was intimidated by all the more experienced riders...especially all the men. I am a back of the packer not only when I run, but also when I mountain and fat bike. I was so scared for everyone to pass me on the trail at the Tuesday Time Trials. Those are ridden where the slowest riders go out first...therefore, they usually get passed by ALL the other riders. During many of my first times riding TTT, I actually stopped and pulled off the trail for people to pass me. I was afraid of crashing and more importantly I didn’t want to slow anyone down. I did not want to be the reason they didn’t PR! Patrick Menton told me over and over that it was the responsibility of the other rider to find a good way to pass me. That is the reason the time trials are run the way they are. It took me several weeks to feel comfortable enough to keep riding and let them pass me. I still tried to move over as much as possible but I no longer stop when getting passed. And the other riders, whether male or female, were ALWAYS encouraging me on the way by. Many times I heard “nice job” “keep it up” and “you’re doing great.”

With our next event, Storm the Bluffs, the beginner Mountain Bike race and beginner Duathlon will take place BEFORE the intermediate and advanced races to avoid any intimidation factor out on the course. We want all to feel welcome and comfortable out on the course and believe this is one way to help with that.

So sign up today and invite a friend to join you! Race mugs will be guaranteed only to those who register by noon on Monday, October 21st. Can’t wait to see you at Holzinger on November 9th!!