What Inspires You?

As I have gotten more exposure on social media with all of my adventures and passions, I have had several people tell me I am an Inspiration to them. I am not sure I see myself as an Inspiration to anyone....but I must be as these people are telling me I am! But what does that mean to each of you? What makes someone an inspiration to you? Is it that they finished a 100 mile race, a 50k race, a 5k race or that they got out of bed and was present in their life for the day? There are so many people that inspire me and for so many different reasons.

The runner who puts in runs at 4:00am or 11:00pm because they are training for their first 100 mile race inspire me to keep chasing that dream of someday toeing the line at my first hundo!

The back of the packer, running along side of me, who tells me that this is the first race they ever entered. How cool is that?! I get to share that experience with them and they get to inspire me!!

The friends that "run" with me at my pace, even though I know they could run much faster on their own. These people inspire me to share my love of this sport with others just as they have done for me!

The young woman who gets out of bed in the morning to get to a class that has her anxiety ridden and so frustrated that she wants to quit college inspires me. If she can manage to compile one more group project with other students, she can inspire me to read those two chapters in my Leadership class book finally!

I could go on and on and on about all the people in my life that inspire me on a daily basis. They probably don't even know they are doing it....but they are!! I need to tell them more often that they truly inspire me! So the next time you are with someone who has inspired you in some form, let them know that they have done so! They probably have never seen themselves as an Inspiration to anyone..... how amazing it would be for them to know that they have indeed quietly inspired someone out there in the world!


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