Storm the Bluffs - Thank You Participants, Volunteers and Sponsors!

All the flags and signs are stored, results are posted and now we sit to write down our thoughts on the day yesterday at Storm the Bluffs. Thanks will go out in no particular order as you were ALL so important to make this event happen.

First, to all the participants, thank you for sticking with us even after Mother Nature decided to throw her little snow twist on the trail conditions. We had 113 people sign up and 109 show up and participate. Such amazing show rates!!! Thank you all so much for sharing in our love and passion for Trail Running and Mountain Biking!! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves! We had a blast watching you all come in with smiles on your faces!!

Second, to all the volunteers, thank you for spending your precious time with us to help make this dream happen! So many of you stood outside in the cold for hours and we want to thank you for that! We hope your fingers and toes have thawed and that you will join us at a future event to volunteer once again!! These events cannot happen without you!!

Next, I would like to say Thank You to our sponsors! Brad at Adventure Cycle and Ski was a very generous supporter with coffee mug sponsorship. He also donated the Mountain Bike awards and spent his time with us to help anyone with their bikes at the event. Please check out and support his local bike shop on the corner of 4th and Center Streets in Winona, MN. Thank you also to Amy Jo at Blooming Grounds for donating the awesome coffee! I know many enjoyed the coffee in the warm lodge. I would also like to thank Maggie at Sugar Loaf Senior Living for their generous donation that allowed us to supply the Aid Station in all it’s junk food glory!! The chips, oreos, m&m’s and all the other goodies were enjoyed thoroughly. We would also like to thank Paul at Little Caesars Pizza of Winona for having pizza prepared for us before they actually were even open on Saturday. Feeding hungry athletes early on a Saturday morning is no small task….so big thanks to them!

Thanks goes out to Vanessa from Family and Children’s Center for being with us and informing our participants about the services they can provide for Youth Mental Health in the local area. Thanks to FCC for believing in us to raise funds for their great organization and helping to bring awareness to Youth Mental Health!

Please visit and Like our Facebook page The Storm Trail Race Series and our Instagram page. Share and tag yourselves, and us, in photos from the event. We love seeing all of those smiling faces! Please also share our page with others so they can join in on our fun events and learn about Youth Mental Health. Check out this awesome slideshow on Youtube Roxanne Ready put together! So many smiling faces and fun being had!

Special thanks to Patrick at the City of Winona and Tim at Woodlawn Cemetery for allowing us to hold Storm the Bluffs on their trails! Everyone please come back to Holzinger Lodge Trails and enjoy yourself on the awesome trail system again!

Fun fact for those runners who asked “Why is Salad Bar Trail called Salad Bar?” I have been told that it stems from Mountain Bikers back in the early days of the trails being “tossed” off their bikes as they came down the trail….like a salad!

Please watch your email for a follow up survey regarding Storm the Bluffs. We want to find out what you thought!

Check out our Black Friday Special for our Summer event, Storm the Farm! This is a very limited offer and we expect the 50 spots available to fill FAST! So set your alarm for 5am on Black Friday not to miss out!!

Thanks again to one and all!!!

The Storm Trail Race Series - Storm the Bluffs Race Directors

Mandy Weilandt and Bill Hansel

The Storm Trail Race Series Race #2 - Storm the Bluffs

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