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Please don't crouch ladies!

I have noticed something about large group pictures. Seems like the ladies are ALWAYS the ones to crouch down and make themselves smaller. Come on ladies......STAND UP TALL!!! We have always been told, albeit silently, that we shouldn't stand out, we shouldn't make waves, we shouldn't be proud, we shouldn't be loud, etc, etc. I want to tell you all to STAND UP and OUT! Be LOUD and PROUD! Don't make yourself smaller in any facets of your life.....including taking group pictures. I was in a picture last week for a group of winners at a fat bike race and the majority of the winners were guys. Surprise.....NOT!! When it was time to take our pic, I let them know as soon as we started to do the typical pose that I wasn't going to crouch. I would stand up just as tall and proud as all the men in that picture. Maybe even a bit taller since the 3 women in the picture were badass fat bikers who just rocked a race dominated by men!! So come on ladies.....PLEASE DON'T CROUCH!!!