Doubts....everyone has them!

This morning, afternoon and evening, Bill and I will be running and running and running some more. We are participating in the Stuffed Turkey Endurance Race near Granger, Iowa. We are doing what is supposed to be a FIVE person 50 mile relay with only the TWO of us. Now before you think that is crazy….let me explain what this race today is an experiment/training run for! I found on Facebook a very interesting race out in Vermont in May, Peak Bloodroot Ultra. I have been an admirer of the race directors photos of trail races over the years so I took the bait and I clicked. Bill and I would compete in the TWO person 200 mile relay race through the mountains of Vermont. This would be my first attempt at 100 miles! Bloodroot is the big dance, final goal, and amazingly HUGE challenge for me for my upcoming race calendar. Now we haven’t officially signed up yet and that is MY doing. Why? Well because I have doubts! Just like everyone does. Can I do 100 miles? Can my body stand to run 100 miles? Will my mental state allow me to do 100 miles? Now you May think that doing a 100 miles is crazy...cause I do! But at one point in my running journey, I thought the same thing about 1 mile, 5k, 10 miles, a half marathon and who in a million years ever would believe this non-athlete, non-runner could finish a 50 mile race TWICE….once through a blizzard!!! Not me!!! But here I am, 17 years into my running journey and I am “this” close to clicking on that register button!! Today is the test. Today may go well.Today may suck. But I am determined, (some may say stubborn) to finish all three 10 mile loops! I have an amazing support system of family and friends and especially Bill. He doesn’t have one doubt that I can do this today. I wish I felt as confident in my abilities to preserver. I wish I didn’t have doubts. I wish I could pull that trigger and register for Bloodroot. I am sure at the end of the day, I will surprise myself by finishing….maybe not strong, but I will finish. So don’t think you are alone out there! Doubting yourself. Doubting your skills. Doubting your mental and physical capacities to endure beyond what you ever have believed possible. You are not alone! But you have to push out of your comfort zone. Growth doesn’t happen when you are comfortable. Growth happens outside your comfort zone. Life truly is lived outside your comfort zone!! Here I go….I am ready...I am capable….and I WILL live outside my comfort zone today!!! Let’s do this!!

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