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What does it take to have the courage to do something challenging? What makes a person be courageous enough to step outside the comfort zone they have lived in all their life? I wondered that yesterday as I climbed up the salad bar trail over, and over, and over and over until I had reached 5,300 feet of elevation gain. I thought….what makes me do these things? What would make an everyday person decide to put themself through that?

I started to look at my own life as I made that final ascent. I came to some conclusions as I powered my way to the top. I do this because I am able. I do this because I have the physical capability to push my body to its limits...and just beyond. I do these challenges to prove to myself, and only myself, that I am capable of so much more than I EVER think I am. I run and bike long distances to enjoy the journey that those runs and rides take me on. I join in activities that others think are crazy in order to feel that AMAZING feeling I get when I finish something that even I questioned if I would be able to do. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone, stretch the limits of my body and show myself how truly awesome life is.

Don’t get me wrong….I don’t ALWAYS feel like I can do these things. I question my sanity and my life choices many times during one of these events. I used to be on my own at these events but I now have a partner in my life that I feel 100% supported by. He supports me in every crazy thing I do and also in day to day life. I know that he will let me make my own choices and support me with whatever I choose. Not to say he won’t push me to finish something when I need it….cause I sometimes need that kick in the butt and he knows exactly how to do it without making me feel incapable. He honestly makes me feel like I could complete anything that I set out to do. I did not always have that and having it at this point in my life is more than I ever hoped for.

Support from others helps when we need to take that first courageous step into a journey of the unknown. But in the end, it is you that has to take the leap, that big jump off the mountain, the first step into the darkness to find that amazing glowing light! Knowing you have someone that can help you along the way is priceless. If you have that person or person, good for you. Lean on them and open up to them about something you would like to take a risk at doing. If you don’t have that support system, there are others out there that are in the same situation and would love to support you even from 100’s or 1000’s of miles away. Groups online have been a great place to turn to for information and support for me in many of my adventures. Having the courage to ask for help is courageous in itself.

I saw a post on Facebook that said “Be Brave Enough to Suck at Something New!” This is so true and I want you all to embrace the Suck and have the Courage to get out of that comfort zone and take that leap of faith in whatever you have always wanted to do or try!

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